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Mar 7, 2019
My brother in law invited his friend Heather (she works over at Smith Point Bait and Tackle) and I to fish the Smith Point Bait and Tackle fluke tournament and of course agreed to fish with them. We were able to find some fish early in the day on outgoing in the day picking one keeper among a bunch of shorts. The bay is loaded with bait which hopefully remains throughout the rest of the season. Went outside on slack but the water was just a bit sporty to continue out any further for a small skiff. We did come across a pod of bunker tightly packed so we did stop and snag a few. We transferred one of the snagged bunker to another rod and drifted away from the main school for a bit and that rod doubled over and the fight was on. First run was a blistering run, the only problem was it did not stop! Ended up chasing for a bit, gaining line and them losing line. As we were running we could see the line coming up and I was hoping for a look. All we got was a tremendous boil/splash about 50 feet away and the leader parted. We did not get a great look but the shadow was big! The entire leader looked and felt like it went through a belt sander. Obviously not a bass! :) Any way, going to need a bigger boat and beefier tackle to play that game. Came back inside looking for some good moving cooler water along with some quiet. CG was out yesterday stopping boats and even escorted a few jet skis back to their respective launches. The bay was crowded to say the least. We did manage to find a spot (thank you to a great friend who was scouting during the week) out of the way (lifting the engine and floating over some bars with an inch to spare and scraping once or twice) with some clean water filled with bait and good current. Basically game on, with multiple fish on each drift. We managed 5 more keepers from that burst with the largest just over 4 pounds. The others were not far behind and just beautiful specimens. Sea robins were in full force, just had to weed through them as the fluke were there. Tide died and so did the bite. I mean light switch stop. Incredible.
Fished one of my Loomis spinning rods with a Shimano 2500 reel filled with 10 lb braid and a 15 lb flouro leader. I originally had 15 running braid with a 20lb leader. Big difference in my mind. Was able to effectively fish a1/4 oz bucktail in water up to just shy of 20 feet. A really thin strip of fat cow and a Gulp sandeel was what I stayed with for the day. Total for the day was close to 40 fluke overall and easily lost count of the robins. Winning fish was caught in the busiest, most chaotic part of the bay (which we shunned). That fish went 9.5 lbs. Go figure. Awesome day on the water, and may try during the week if weather and work permits. Be well NY Anglers!


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Dec 23, 2018
, it should be obvious
Wow. great post and would be jealous if not for the weaks in my neck of the woods. Nothing but short fluke and not a lot of them on the north side of South Oyster Bay. I have now taken home twice as many weaks as fluke. even when we used the boat (but inside the bay) only shorts and a real sharpie reported that out of 40 they had one keeper. We had none in over 20. Action is nice but I like eating fish ! Keep up the great reports (and fishing)!
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