Giants Attackin Bluefish

Back in the 80's coming back from a trip to the butterfish hole, my sons and I ran into a similar situation, I was concentrating on the Loran, (remember those) when my older son started yelling pop, look, I turned to my port side to see a school of blues jumping out of the water 15 to 20 at a time.
I stopped the boat and we watched for a couple of minutes, nothing doing they were just jumping, my other son asked why they were jumping, I thought at the time they were crashing bait, then the real reason came out of the water right behind them, giant bluefins, needless to say my sons and I were amazed and excited to say the least, my older son asked if we could try to catch one, I laughed, I said son, we have a hard enough time handling the yellowfin we caught, and those yellows were in the 80 to 150 lb range, I don't have the equipment to handle one of those.
So yea , I can relate.

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