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Area: Debs/Jones

Bucktail II

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Jul 9, 2021
Had the pleasure of getting out with my fishing buddies John and Danny yesterday. Left the dock at 7:15am and made a left out of the inlet. Slight chop and roll, but very comfortable. Steamed east checking on the gannets and bunker pods. Dropped in and started to troll about 7 miles east of Jones 30'-35' of water. Saw some surface activity closer to the beach and made a gradual left. Slowed the boat down and while reeling in the starboard rod hooked up....nice healthy fish at just over 40". Caught and saw caught plenty of doggies and a few bass among the pods. Snagged a few for ourselves, transferred them onto 8/0 circle hooks and drifted with the small fleet. Only had a few doggies while live-lining. Tried jigging and only came up with doggies. Whales, seals, and porpoises where everywhere.
Headed back west stopping on a few pods and found one that has bass on them in 20' of water. Once you got shallower than 15' the doggies were merciless.
Ended the day boating 3 bass, all over size and dropped 2 more at the boat when they just spit the whole bunker and circle hook out. The day and ocean just got nicer as it got later in the day. Back to the dock safely at 3:30pm.

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