Interesting afternoon in the fog at the Point

Area: Montauk


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Apr 10, 2019
The plan today was to get a late start so that the fog would burn away. Well, Capt. Jan and I did get that late start, but the fog didn’t cooperate. Wasn’t too bad leaving the harbor - maybe 1/2 mile vis which improved to 2 miles for a while by the Elbow. Plenty of birds working the rips towards the end of the incoming when we got there - but we got there too late. Picked up a bass before the tide died. Then it was s-l-o-w until the incoming began. Right when it started we picked up a quick three bass on eels and diamond jigs, including a 29 inch keeper. Then when the tide picked up, the bite died for some reason and the fog thickened. At this point, around 4:30 pm, I headed for the nearshore spot where I’ve found sunset blitzes for the past few weeks. Good move. Acres of blitzing bass in the same spot all to ourselves. Fun fishing. Rode back to the harbor in pea soup fog. Thank God for radar and my 500 previous track marks. Had we had even marginal visibility, I’m sure we could have stayed with the birds all afternoon and had an epic day. As it was, it was pretty good. Nice warm day and calm seas, though the rip started building during the outgoing. Should be wild there once the hurricane swell arrives there this weekend on the outgoing.

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