Is there still time to change the black sea bass regulations that are in place? I guess so?


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Dec 19, 2018
Commack NY
The recent surprise changes in the scup, and sea bass regulations are technically enacted as an "emergency measure" The comment period on your opinion of the move is open until July 18, 2022. You can send your comments to:

Rachel Sysak
NYSDEC Division of Marine Resources
123 Kings Park Blvd.
Kings Park, NY 11754
Email: [email protected]

It would be something if they were bombarded with comments opposing them just to see how they'd respond. As a practical matter, they were backed into a corner with the numbers they had to deal with, but I view this as a chance to express your opinion on the process. They had plenty of heads up that these changes were coming yet the DAY before the season opens, they change it.

Wouldn't it be great if we knew what we would be fishing for and when before the season begins? If I'm in the business it sure would make life a lot easier to know what to stock and when. It would be nice if I could book a charter in advance of the season and not have to wait until it actually opens.

This isn't anything new. I can recall when we owned Nor'east Saltwater, ad changes coming it at the last second due to last-minute regulation changes. That's a tough way to run a business.

There really is no excuse for it. They knew this was coming last year after the assessments. They need to be required to determine these regs at least 2-3 months in advance. That we both anglers and the industry can prepare for the upcoming season.

Not every angler checks the regulations daily, nor should they have to.


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Feb 28, 2020
I don’t disagree but displacing our anger towards the New York State DEC would really do nothing, they are actually on our side in regards to what the sea bass regulation path should be, we should be going with a harvest control method of regulations as compared to keeping seabass as a high risk species especially when stocks are so overbuilt
I had correspondence with The D E C in the winter and followed their advise to email the NMFS pushing for the approach change that should give us a spring season with more realistic size regs. From what i can tell after all the emails the 2023 season is when a possible approach change is targetted. i sent out requests ti all the area fishing clubs i coukd asking them to also submit comments for the record on this. i hope at some point change can happen. i know many did email.
DEC will forward you the same contacts they gave me, im sure to do more emails now .
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