Just dem blues

Area: Debs/Jones


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Dec 23, 2018
, it should be obvious
Had not gotten out much of late, either too hot or had the contractor over. this morning every snapper I caught (and they were eager!) was really too large for livelining (but will be enjoyed off the barbecue.) Boating buddies gave me nearly a dozen peanuts that saved the day for me. After losing 4 or 5 to bluefish (one of which actually bit off an entire livelining rig at the braid knot) and the others bit in half or delicately removed off the hook, I finally caught a 20 or 22" bluefish with a peanut on a circle hook, the only rig that I had handy. After doing fairly well on the weakfish this season, I fear that either they are gone from my backbay area or the bluefish are simply beating them to the bait. On a future paddle, after stringing three good size but too big for bait snappers, I will probably go back to using Gulp on bucks. Tempted to get the boat out again and go for blowfish and kingfish although that last rainstorm seemed to knock that fishery down a bit from what I heard.