Kayak Flipped


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May 14, 2019
So, I am somewhat new to kayak fishing having only been out approximately 10 times in the LIS this year on my recently purchased Hobie Quest. Don't know why or what I did but I leaned a bit to my right to look at something approximately 1/2 mile off of Centre Island this past weekend. My kayak flipped in the blink of an eye. I grabbed what I could that was floating near me, flipped my kayak back into upright position. Threw my stuff into my kayak. My glasses, some fishing gear (sinkers, snag hook, knife sunk). I went to look for my paddle and see it is about 5 feet away. I swim to get my paddle and turn around to see my kayak is drifting away. (I realize I probably should have tethered to the kayak). Now I am trying to swim back to my kayak with a paddle while wearing a vest. I was losing ground. Fortunately there was a lot of boat traffic around and I was soon rescued but I learned a lot that day. I could have spent a long night in the LIS and had a lot of people worried to death about me. the boat that rescued me was a large cabin cruiser that was doing a beeline right at me at a fast clip. Fortunately he slowed down and turned only because he saw the kayak. He saw me soon after but not while he was cruising towards me.


Jan 15, 2019
Go to the KFA-NY website- lots to learn there on Kayak fishing and safety even some videos of me doing self-rescue. Don't tether yourself to the kayak instead leash your paddle, fishing pole etc to the kayak. Don't give up it's a great sport. Practice self-rescue now while the water is warm. I caught more fish in the kayak then I do on my boat. Health issues stopped me from kayaking for long periods.


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Jan 14, 2019
Glad ya ok, ya need to attend Sunday Service 10:00, Candles @ $20.00, Schedule Confession and The Holy Rosary too…


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Dec 23, 2018
, it should be obvious
Whew ! Glad you are OK. I am waiting for my first flip. (since 2005) I fish backbay waters in a bare bones Hurricane Skimmer 128 but the waters run up to 36' deep and the channels have a pretty good current, along with the ever present boat traffic. I used to tether my paddle to the yak- maybe I should start doing so again. I do tie in my tackle bag but I would undoubtedly lose a rod or two (will now clip the spare in.) I have never ever paddled without a PFD. My yaks have all been very visible, yellow, orange but the bottoms are white, like whitecap white lol. I did put reflective tape on my paddle and have a 6' high safety flag, both of which will be useless if I capsize.

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