Keeping Bunker Alive on Kayak


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Jan 13, 2019
This is called Da Bag.
Simple design with velcro closure. Weighs next to nothing, and easy to stow under deck. Will keep bunker alive for how long depends on conditions when they were caught, but it does it's job.
Its got room. I fit close to 30 porgy in one.
I recommend this to anyone that snags and uses live bait on the kayak.
It can be cumbersome depending on how many you have in it while in route.
Kayak Fishing Store in NJ has them.Da Bag.jpg

An alternative that I use when I go out with full intions to use live bait. Is the home made Bunker Tube.
Easy to make with pvc drain pipe and floor drains. Buoyancy is neutral. I added part of pool noodle to keep it high in water to attach to mooring or let it go if I had to.
It has the same drag full or empty when in tow. Mine is cut just wider than the kayak so I can stow right behind my seat crossways and be easy to grab when ready to use.
Will keep bunker more lively loading them into it in forward direction. Holds around 10 full sized bunker.
Bunker Tube two.jpgBunker Tube one.jpg