live shiners =soft shell turtle soup and fried catfish nuggetts

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Dec 29, 2018
good morning guys,,,,,,,,,, after we went to the buffet yesterday afternoon,, marine kenny and his daughter denna wanted to fish so i bought a bucket of live shiners and we all hit the small lake off 95,,,, the weather was hot yesterday ☀️ so the water temp was up there,,, no bass,, but we caught a few turtles and a few catfish 👅 😜 ,, our granddaughter denna still had a ball,, just her smile tells it all,,,,, we fished till it was almost dark then called it a day,,,marine kenny drove back home safely to kissimmee ,, we all still had a blast,,,maureen pulled up a true big snapping turtle,, but roccus before the close up shot😛, the line snapped,,,, the turtle soup and fried catfish nuggets were yum yum,, chef mojoe:ROFLMAO:,, roccus did i get the shots right 📸📸 yet ;),,,,,, ><)))):>
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