Mitchel Field


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Dec 23, 2018
, it should be obvious
went with SWMBO yesterday. Really empty, no wait. Had to buy another Henry .22 a few years ago as the better half never let me shoot my first Henry .22 again LOL. County was out of leisure card blanks for her (expired) so we just paid our four bucks each (resident seniors) and that was it. I always call first as a couple of years ago they closed with no notice. Ventilation, too many federal LEOs qualifying, never did find out why for sure. I went through about 150 rds of .22, .30 carbine and 9 mil and SWMBO emptied two boxes of .22. Restrooms immaculate. RO simply occasionally observed from the other side of the glass. Funny, at least half the other shooters there were with a significant other.