Montauk Kayak Bass - Hit or Miss

Feb 10, 2019

Got out for some trolling at the Point. Been having luck with a deep-swimming silver-and-white lure, about 6 inches long, with a plastic lip that keeps it down about 12 feet. Found big fish in deeper water, tried a deeper (20 foot) swimming lure, but did better with the 12-foot-deep lure. Noticed a pattern of coctail blues, followed by alligator blues, followed by big bass, which would repeat itself through the top of the tide. I was fortunate enough to find another big bass, this one 48", and the next night my fellow kayakfisherman "Jr." (a/k/a "BIGBASS" from Nor' landed a 48" bass of his own, his first kayak cow. That night I had a couple of keeper bass, but it was mostly bluefish for me. Determined to repeat recent success, I we nt out again the next night, but it was not to be. I caugjt one schoolie bass and a lot of blues.​
Got around the Point, from North Bar to Camp Hero, but wasn't able to change my luck. My hunch is they're still in the area, but move into deeper water to avoid traffic and stay in that cooler water. Can't hang in those currents for very long, but I can use the lull in my fortunes to scout out some new spots.
Lots of fish to catch if you don't mind catching bluefish. When there's all these bluefish around is when I can pretend to be a surfcaster. The tide had been such that I could catch the last of outgoing at Shinnecock Inlet on my way back from Montauk and still pick some bass (pre-dawn) and blues from the surf. Catch 'em up!


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