Old Lobstahman meets the new Coast Guard...


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Dec 22, 2018
Midcoast Maine
Exchange on VHF radio this AM that had me laughing.

On Channel 16:

Hey Coast Guard, you there?

This is the Coast Guard Northern New England, how can I help.

Well the buoy to the entrance to New Hahbah has been underwater the last 2 mornings at high tide.

Please switch to Channel 22 Alpha to discuss further.


Now the fun continues on Channel 22

Is the Captain trying to contact the Coast Guard about a New Harbor buoy here?


Captain would you please give me the buoy's number?

It's the red buoy at the entrance to New Hahbah! It's underwater right now, with only it's top tip (
it's a nun) poking up. Someone's going to get a hole in their boat if you don't fix it. It was that way yesterday morning at high tide too.

What's the buoy number please?

It's the red buoy at the entrance to New Hahbah (
there is only 1 buoy there, #4), it's not the red bell buoy outside the hahbah.

Captain, can you give me an approximate location?

It's the only red buoy at the entrance to New Hahbah!! (
Apparently the CG doesn't have charts on hand, and the reporting Captain was well on his way offshore to check his traps)

At this point I had reached my dock and was trying to tie up, doubled over laughing...
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