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Dec 20, 2018
So after many years of procrastinating my wife and I are going to file for pistol permits. Target practice and home security are our goals. We presently own a 410 shotgun and three 22 rifles so we are not new to guns ownership. We hear this process can take over 6 months to complete. Looking for tips on how to make this go smoothly. Edelman's seems to have a good program but the $800 fee (times two) seems a bit steep. Thanks for any help.

regards Holty
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Dec 23, 2018
, it should be obvious
You absolutely do not need to waste any money on Edelmans or any other alleged pistol permit help rip-off joint. Get the application forms from the county (?) you reside in. Be absolutely honest about ANY arrests either of you has had at any time in your lives REGARDLESS of whether some judge or ambulance chaser told you it was sealed. The FBI expunges NOTHING and the local police will obtain the FBI record. A falsehood on an official form (county and city ones included) will result in you never getting the license as you will always in the future have to admit that you were "previously denied for a pistol license." I know this because I conducted national security background investigations and liased with the fibbies during most of my federal gubmint career. Regarding references read the instructions very carefully. Suffolk and Nassau do not have the same requirements regarding references. The vast majority of people who honestly indicate that they tried marijuana years and years ago will still qualify for a license. Same thing with some traffic violations provided they did not show recklessness and occurred some time ago. Please PM me if you want more advice. "Newyorkistan" basically makes it hard for you to get the license but aside from Nassau's overcharging and Suffolk making a pistol purchaser drive around a bit, its your second amendment right so please pursue it !