Scouting report for 6/21/2022

Area: Inshore

This report is for yesterday.
My older son and I decided to do a little scouting on the Ct. side of L.I.

We launched the boat at 5:30 am from Milfordt Ct. harbor, our plan was to head over to Penfield Reef and work our way back to the West wall of New Haven Ct.

What we were looking for were spots that I think would hold fluke, our first stop was Black Rock Harbor and Penfield light, we setup jus west of the warning light at the opening of the harbor.

Shut the engine down and waited to see what kind of drift we would have, as the weather man was predicting 5 to 10 knot winds out of the south east we figured we would have a decent drift.

Unfortunately he was wrong and we had no drift, we moved around a bit but all we could manage was a few sea robins, we gave it an hour and headed over the mouth of the Housatonic.

On arrival there were no boats so I moved in about 500 feet and cut the engine, we had a very slow drift about .3 mph, not good enough to cover and ground and then low and behold the wind picked up, now its tide against wind, but the tide was wining and we had a 1.1 mph drift.

We made several passes with double sea robins when I hooked up with a small fluke on the way down, what we didn't know was there was rain bait everywhere, the fast moving water and wind obscured ability to see them.

We gave it an hour with only one fluke to show for it so we headed over to Charles Island where several boat were fishing for stripers, upon arrival we tossed over 2 setups with tube worms and trolled around the Island, nada, gave it 45 minutes and headed over to New Haven but decided to troll the worms while we were in route, we got about half way when my son said he could see fish braking up in the distance. We reeled in the worms and headed over to the spot, as soon as we got there I put the tubes back out, my son was piloting the boat and yelled back that we were going over a nice drop off with lots of fish on the recorder, as soon as the worms went over that spot we were hooked up, both rods went off, mine ended up being a 24 " striper and my sons rod had a blue fish about 4 lbs,

We continued to troll over the same spot and the results were the same, small stripers and blues.

We left them biting to move over to New Haven to look for our intended target species, when we arrived it was low tide and the wind was blowing around 7 knots pushing us into the walls.
We had no luck there either, although I think the tide had a lot to do with it after an hour of trying we went back to the spot where we were catching the Stripers and Blues but they were gone too.
weWe trolled for another 30 minutes and then called it quits and headed in, when we got back my younger son was waiting at the ramp, he had seen us fishing the point and was watching us from Gulf Beach, when he saw we wee headed in he met us at the ramp.

I didn't find the species I was looking for, not to say they weren't around it was just bad timing, but we found a new spot that holds stripers and blues and we will try again next outing.

No pics this time, I never bothered to take out my phone.
I had a good time with my older which is good because we had a falling out a few years back and are now just getting to be good friends again.
Sorry for the long post.

Stay Healthy and Safe
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