Smithtown Bay Area - Nissequoge to Cranes Neck

Area: Mid Sound


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Dec 22, 2018
Onancock, Virginia
SmithTownJoe, Sticks & myself fished last of the incoming & a couple of the outgoing with clam for roughly 4 dozen porgy & an equal number of seabass. Mostly shorts - took home 9 of the bigger porgies for the Q. We even somehow managed to capture one of those elusive fish many have heard of but not caught - flounder. Little fella going 6 inches. Must have been lost.

We did get our share of Robins mixed in. Wind picked up making for a too fast a drift & as it was already 4:30 we decided to pull the plug & call it a day.

All in all a nice day day with old friends. First time in 8 years I've fished the Sound. Have to do it again next time I'm up.