This Guy Needs to Be Banned From Launching a boat. Totally unbelievable.


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Dec 19, 2018
Commack NY
So we've all had issues trailering and launching our boats. I don't care how good you are, there was a time that you ended up in a situation that was caused by something unexpected. Well, this guy takes the cake. He didn't miss once, And you can't believe his second go around.

On the evening of Aug. 9, a man backed his Jeep and boat trailer, with boat attached, into Onondaga Lake—missing the DEC boat launch by 50 feet and becoming stuck in mud along the shoreline. One tow truck and $800 later, the man drove away unscathed without reporting the incident to DEC’s Division of Law Enforcement. Three days later, on Aug. 12, the same man successfully navigated the ramp at the same boat launch, but failed to apply the brakes, fully submerging his trailer and Jeep in Onondaga Lake.

The allegedly intoxicated man miraculously escaped through the window of the vehicle and made it to shore. This time, a witness called 911. ECO Damrath, along with Geddes Police and Onondaga County Parks Police, responded to the boat launch immediately. ECO Damrath noted the sheen of gasoline and garbage leaking from the man’s vehicle and contacted Region 7 Spill Response experts. NRC Environmental Services responded to contain the fuel spill. Thanks to cooperating witness statements, ECO Damrath charged the driver with several violations of Environmental Conservation Law and State regulations. Geddes Police is leading the DWI investigation.

Submerged vehicle at the DEC boat launch on Onondaga Lake.jpg

Submerged vehicle at the DEC boat launch on Onondaga Lake

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