Very Encouraging about the Supreme Court Gun Case


Jan 15, 2021
Every NY'er who has a Pistol Permit should be allowed to carry a gun in public. They've earned the right . You read the anti gunner articles and they make it seem like every body who applies the same day will get a Concealed Carry permit the same day. That's not how it'll work and they know it. You have to get a Pistol Permit before you get a Carry Permit. It takes up to 9 months to get a Pistol Permit in NY. For 9 months they check your entire background, you need 4 character references and they finger print you like a common criminal.
You don't need a Permit to Exercise your 1st amendment rights and the other rights, so why is the 2nd Amendment different ? In Nassau and a few other Counties, you can legally carry to and from the Rifle Range and to Hunting Grounds, so the non sense about homicides going up is all wrong. Won't happen in States like NY that investigate you for 9 months . Famous people easily get a Carry permit and ordinary people can't. That ain't right. I travel upstate all by myself and I'd like to carry. The lawyers and court system would bankrupt you if you misused a gun in NY and every rational gun owner knows that. The criminals know they'll get out with no bail.
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Jan 15, 2021
Nassau County Pistol Regulations say you can't leave your Pistol in the Car and they won't let you Carry . Make Sense ? So I travel Upstate and I'm not going hunting or to the target range, I stop at Walmart to shop and think I can't Carry a Pistol Inside and I can't leave the Pistol in the Car.
These Safe Storage Bills they always talk about are to stop you from taking a Pistol with you when you go out.
The Regulations also say if you have any Pistol Permit Violations that results in your Pistols being taken away, they'll come and get your rifles and shotguns also. This is what happens when the Gov't has control over you. You don't pay $200 every 5 years they take your Pistols away. That ain't right.
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Dec 23, 2018
, it should be obvious
We live in a blue state and with the politicos in the Rotten Apple and in Buffalo and Syracuse/Rochester it will not change.
While they will restrict whatever they can, thankfully the 2A gives us the right to at least own a firearm in this state. I do not envision the USSC doing much for us in this state whatsoever as the ruling will probably be so vague that the state will be able to exclude certain venues from it, namely you won't be able to carry at a sporting event, or in a theatre, and private businesses will have the right to deny anyone carrying access to their business. I hope I am wrong but I will be selling off my smaller handguns and just keeping my full size as I don't feel the "small ones" will ever end up in a holster outside of the range, while hunting, or sitting in my living room.

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