Weakfish and "the one that got away"

Area: Western Sound

Jun 22, 2019
Here's a picture of co-Captain Bob Prinzo with a fine weakfish caught today. Yesterday's report described some pretty good seabags fishing on a 70' wreck. We went back to the same conditions we had yesterday. Fishing was no where near as good. While we managed a couple of few seabass and blackfish, the bite was generally off. It seemed to take forever for then tide to change. Then came a surprise. Captaincies. Bob hooked a fish that refused to come up. If he got it 6 feet up, it lunged back to the bottom, there were numerous gains and lunges and this lasted 4 minutes on a doubled over rod. Finally when the fish was probably 15 feet from the surface, it lunged and of all things, the hook broke. when this kind of stuff happens, you spend the rest of the trip asking yourself what it could have been, using years of experience to try and eliminate what you know it is unlikely to be. We ruled out large bass and blues as the fish never swam anything but straight down, seabass don't have a consistent fight. They pause and resume. In any case, I am sure that this one will reside in my memory for a long time. I tried to decide which brand hook I was using as one, (that I no longer use) has had a reputation for breaking. It fought like a blackfish. I assume the the odds of catching that fish again are about the same as winning the lottery. Now, if you look in the dictionary under the word "Disappointed" you will find Bob's picture.


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