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    Life expectancy of today’s outboard motors

    Thank you, they would be 4 strokes. So I’m going to budget about $500 each motor, $1,000 per year. If I come in less than that…… great. I would think that i will on an occasional year come in higher than the $1,000 due to some unknown right now repair. I wish I could find something diesel...
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    Life expectancy of today’s outboard motors

    What can you expect in terms of the hours on life expectancy on todays outboard motors?? Also, what does maintenance costs look like? This would be for twin outboards in the 200-300hp range.
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    Boat Insurance

    I have been a snowbird for approx. 1 1/2 years now, and during that time I have been a member of the Freedom Boat Club. Being a member with the FBC has afforded me the opportunity to understand better the fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico in SW Florida, Venice area, and what type of boat would...
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    Hudson Anglers and Point Lookout Shark Tournaments 2022

    The Atlantic Shortfin Mako ban began on July 5th. NOAA
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    FG Knot

    Rather than using any mono backing when tying braid directly to the spool, I just wrap the bottom of the spool with electrical tape. Have not had any issues doing that.
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    President George, 22”…

    Speaking of cover photos…………. Thanks George!
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    President George, 22”…

    Very nice!!! George, don't forget to bring the net! Those gators can get very aggressive going after a hooked fish!!
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    FG Knot

    WOW, there’s a lot to digest here reading back on previously posted threads on this subject. Lot of different knots with varying challenges on tying. Thank you,, I need to read more, try some, etc., and I’ll get back.
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    FG Knot

    Thanks Pete, I’ll search it out!!!
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    FG Knot

    Hello Lep, & everyone, I have recently entered into the “snowbird” lifestyle, with a retreat here in Venice, FL, as well as maintaining my NY home. I am however an official Florida resident so good bye NY taxes. The fishing is much different from the NE here on Gulf Coast. My question right...
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    Welcome, Abbyroad

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    Welcome, Mshabs

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    Welcome, grunt

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    Welcome, Tedfish

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    Welcome, Paulie

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