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Dec 21, 2018
Fire Island Inlet / Islip
getting concerned with Max..........................

Last month or so I've had to coax him into eating. Last week or two - will only eat if I hand feed. Yesterday even that didn't work. He's off his water also. No problem eating dog treats however.

I know he's gotta be in a lot of discomfort what with 3 out 4 legs arthritic - discs in his back are messed up. He's taking a super canine anti-inflammatory to help with the artritis & his back issues as well as at least 1 tramadol a day. When he seems to be uncomfortable I give him a 1/2 at night also.

I know the non-eating has a tendency to signal "a coming to the end". I'm just not ready to put him down. He doesn't appear to be in any real pain. I know they can hide it - but no whimpering or anything like that.
I hope Max turns around Wader.
Sad to hear that and understand, completely.

Been a bit out of sorts here as well, my old guy is having difficulties and had a real bad episode this morning again.
He is eating and drinking and some how got up after going lame from a seizure twice this week.

He is the older brother to the Black lab we lost last October, hope he hangs in, hate to loose them both in a year but not looking good.

All the Best to Max and you.

They give us so much and we do the Best we can for them.


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