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    First Shot at Plum Gut

    We can walk into a crowded supermarket or fly on a packed plane. But forget about fishing on a charter boat in the great outdoors. That's much too dangerous. This state is out of control.
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    NJ atlantic highlands

    Don't forget about CT. It makes no sense that we can't fish on a charger or party boat.
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    Tough Day

    At least you had some shorts. That's encouraging! Thanks for posting.
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    Peconic Porgies

    Any fluke sightings out there?
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    Hudson river morning

    Stripper fishing the Hudson is an experience you won't soon forget. Thanks for posting and congrats!
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    You bring up many great points here. Years ago I was into offshore shark and tuna tourneys. I enjoyed everything about it from the captain's meetings to the weigh-ins. It was one day fishing, and you'd give it your best shot. One year in the Hudson Shark Tourney I hooked up to a freight train...
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    Crazy Smallmouth and Largemouth Action in Upper Westchester!

    We were in the Kensico area.
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    Crazy Smallmouth and Largemouth Action in Upper Westchester!

    Steve rowed for 12-hours. We couldn't leave them biting and he won't let me row. But yes he did catch a bunch.
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    Its a start

    This is starting to set up like last year, and that's not a great sign.
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    Sold A Plano Plug Box that holds a sh#t load of plugs

    Pm Me if you're interested.
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    The True Fight of A Smallmouth!

    I've landed keeper striped bass on this set up many times in the past.
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    It's Good to be singing the Blues

    Bluefish run is increasingly puzzling this year. Some fish showed very early about a month back and gave hope of a strong early run. That fizzled out. Next a wave of fish came through inlets and tore through back bays, only to fizzle out again. Current wave of fish followed patterns of years...
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    That's a lot of action and a good meal for a few hours fishing!
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    Slow Motion Release of a nice Largemouth

    I was playing around with my new camera
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    Trolling for Stripers

    The bigger fish should be exiting to the sound in any day now! Thanks for posting and good fishing!